Redditors Dota 2 League

The Redditors Dota 2 League (RD2L) provides a Dota 2 league formatted for individuals to have a place to play with and learn from other players of varying skill levels while providing competitive matches. The goals of each player may differ between learning the competitive style of Dota 2; improving their Dota 2 skills; meeting new friends and players; or as an outlet for their competitive Dota 2 desires. This is accomplished by providing players with as even as teams as possible with varying skill levels on each team so that more experienced players can teach those of lesser experience while every match remains as fair and competitive as possible.

Season 13 Schedule

14th January until 20th January

Season 13 Scrim Week

21st January until 27th January

Season 13 Week 1

18th March until 22nd April

Season 13 Playoffs

Season 13 Divisions